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Pittsburgh's Most Reliable Certified Mobile Notary Service

It is a privilege to serve the Pittsburgh community.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond providing quality services.

Whenever you need a document notarized for yourself, your business, a client, or a loved one, we are a 24/7 mobile notary business that will come to you. Working around your schedule is my highest priority.

We are committed to providing reliable, professional service. The signing can take place at your place of business, your home, your office, or any agreed upon location.

With the help of a team of notaries, local residents in Allegheny County and vicinity can take care of a large number of documents and situations in a quick and convenient manner.



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Mobile Notary Public

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An Experienced, Reliable Mobile Notary Public Service.

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A Mobile Notary Public You Can Depend On

What makes us the right choice for your notary needs? We’re known for providing both convenience and quality service. Having been recognized for our outstanding work as a local business, we strive to remain Pittsburgh’s number one notary service provider. No matter what you need, our team will provide consistent service, excellent customer care, and attention to detail.

The most important thing about us is that we never notarize anything unless we have met all required legal requirements. By applying our expertise to help you notarize documents, we ensure that you are insulated from potentially damaging consequences.

In addition to commercial clients, we have created a loyal following of individual customers as well. We are often contacted by people who were referred to us by our current customers. The fact that we are accurate and reliable has led to us being referred to numerous banks, legal firms, and real estate offices.


Instead of fighting traffic and wasting your valuable time, why not have a mobile notary come to  your location instead? We provide high-quality notary services at the location that’s most convenient for businesses, professional practices, and individuals. Among the very best traveling notaries in Pittsburgh, we consistently rate among the top.

Accommodating Traveling Notary Public Services


We’ll be at the location you specify. We’re here for you whether it’s the day, the night, or the weekend!

Certified Travel Notary Service near me


The notary agents in our agency have been background checked, fully bonded, insured, and certified.


We consistently offer fair and competitive prices. We are always the most cost-effective option.


You can count on us. Your time is valuable, never stress about the notary showing up on time.

Wherever you are and at Any Time! We Come To You…

If you like, we can visit your home, a courthouse, a continuing-care community, a jail, a medical facility, or just about anywhere you desire. Alternatively, we can provide you with notary services at a neutral location, such as a coffee shop or fast-food restaurant. No matter what time of the day or night you need us, we are here for you. Whenever it’s convenient for you, we’re here to help.

Anywhere and Anytime

If you need a mobile notary in Pittsburgh or its surrounding areas. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Notary appointments are available on-demand!

A Punctual & Dependable Service

Do you work in business, finance, or as a loan officer? How about a Real Estate agent or settlement agent? Perhaps you are just an extremely busy individual who needs a couple of documents notarized. Regardless of what you need, there is  a notary that can notarize pretty much anything for you.

Pleasant, polite, and well-prepared, our notaries are a pleasure to deal with. Every component is meticulously checked, so there are no loose ends. We strive to be on time. As much as possible, we want the process to be straightforward and enjoyable.

Experts – Certified

PA requires a notary license to notarize documents. There is no set office hour for our notaries, they are only available on an appointment basis. As a result, we recommend you book in advance! Call today or alternatively fill out the form above to have local notaries compete for your business.

Certified Mobile Notary Service Fees

The cost of hiring a notary ranges from $15 to $70 per hour. Mobile notaries may charge an additional fee to account for travel time.

Request estimates from multiple mobile notaries in your area. To learn what notary service costs near you, just fill out the form above and we’ll do the work for you!

We Adhere to Pennsylvania Notary Fee Schedules

Prices for services, Including Travel Fees, Will be Provided Upon Request

A Check, Cash, or Credit Card Payment is Required at the Time of Service

The Following Services are Available:

Are you Ready to Get Your Documents Notarized?

Most people don’t realize that a notarization can be an acknowledgment, a jurat or a certification. A notary in most states cannot tell you which kind you need. You may have to contact an attorney to make sure you have the correct documentation.  

After notarization is complete, it is crucial that there are no blank spaces on the document that could be used to insert fake information. This prevents deceptive information from being entered later.

It is one of the responsibilities of your Pittsburgh mobile notary to ensure that the signing parties are aware and willing participants and not under pressure to sign documents. Senior citizens are especially affected by this issue. The notary must witness the actual signing process. You should not sign the papers in advance. 

A mobile notary public must be able to identify you properly. The most common kinds of IDs required are a passport, a state drivers license, or a federal ID. When your name appears differently on your license or other picture identification, you should inform us and inquire about any supporting items we might require at the time you sign.

We are Looking Forward to hearing from You!

Call [phone_number] today for a Dependable Mobile Notary in . Any place, Any time!

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