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No matter where you are located, our mobile notaries will come to you. They can provide their services at neutral places such as a cafe or coffee bar. Alternatively they can come to a court house, a continuing-care facility or even a penitentiary. They can be reached any hour of the night or day. When it suits you best, they are always available to assist.

We will make every effort to get a mobile notary to your door if you are in the Pittsburgh PA neighborhood. Call us today for on-demand notary appointments!

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Do you work in the financial industry or do you work as a loan officer? Or are you a realtor or settlement agent? Maybe you are an individual who is very active and needs to have just a handful of documents notarized. No matter your requirements, our mobile notaries can help.

The mobile notaries we work with are pleasant & polite. They are thorough so that the job is completed with nothing left out. They make every effort to be on time and complete the job on-time. Our notaries try to make your experience as simple & delightful as possible.

No set office hours are given for our mobile notaries. They are available only by appointment. So, book in advance

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Mobile Notary Public Rates

​​Commonly, mobile notaries set you back $20 to $80 per hour. Travel time may be added in addition to the certified mobile notary’s fee. Our mobile notary’s service fees are in accordance with the PA notary charge schedule. Costs for services; including traveling charges, will certainly be supplied upon request. When the job is done, payment is needed by check, money, or credit card.

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Services Include:

Are you Ready to Have Your Paperwork Notarized?

Lots of people do not understand that notarizations can be an acknowledgment, a jurat, or a certification. In the majority of states, it is against the legislation for a mobile notary to instruct you on which type of document you may require. An attorney may be needed to guarantee that you have the proper documents.

Notarized papers should not have empty areas that can be utilized to put phony details after it has been notarized. It prevents the later addition of misleading details.

In addition to making sure the signing parties understand what they are doing, are consenting, & not being pressured to sign papers; the Pittsburgh mobile notary likewise ensures they know the procedure. This issue is particularly impactful on the elderly.

A mobile notary must have the capability to confirm your identity. The most typical kinds of IDs required are US passports, a PA driver’s certificate, or a government ID. We might call for additional identifying items at the time of your signature if your name appears differently on your licenses or other photo identification. It is important to tell us & inquire prior to the notarizing process.

Observing the actual signing is necessary. Signing before hand is illegal.


The Traveling Notary Public Solutions You’ll Love!

As a component of the notarization procedure, the mobile notary verifies indentities, observes the signing, and after that stamps and seals the document. There is absolutely nothing challenging about it, but it is extremely important that it is done right.

We are 1st rate professionals because this is the only thing we do. The legality of your notarized documents depends upon expert help. It’s not worth gambling with anyone less than the very best. Pick mobile notaries who recognize exactly how to take care of you.

The next step is to compare reviews & prices. Have up to 3 mobile notaries contact you by filling in the form on this site. You can then read reviews to uncover the notary’s reputation.

All the mobile notaries that reach out to you after you fill in the form on this site have been thoroughly checked out, they are accredited, have liability insurance, they are bonded, have terrific reviews, & affordable prices. Your business is better served by mobile notaries who compete for it!

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Disclaimer: Having no legal background, mobile notaries can’t interpret or explain the material in your documents. For any important concerns, speak to an attorney or the person who offered you with the document. A mobile notary is not permitted to compose legal documents, give legal recommendations, or address legal questions.

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